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About I am a musician. An Engineer. An architect. A hacker. A lover and fighter of what is good and right. A father and a friend.
Logo Many thanks to Fukuka for the AsUWish Linux logo.
Conact Type it like it's read aloud. website _at_ toddsmith _dot_ org
Thoughts I wonder... If out of sight means out of mind, then how can absense make the heart grow fonder?
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My Heros Jesus Christ, Andre Segovia, and Chet Atkins
Projects Singer Smith, AsUWish Linux, Network Director, WANSecurity, OpalNetworks, Unix Genius, Dedicated Gamers, Tejinashi, SerialExperiments
Notes Please accept my apologies for not having updated this page with my most recent build scripts for Panther. I've been quite busy writing music, dialog and shooting and recording for my movie. If you have any special requests. You know where to send them.
Professional My resume (Yes I'm currently available for contracts. Possibly fulltime. Currently seeking work in Japan.)
Visuals My Son. Treasured Memories. My S13 Racecar 240SX. Some Flowers (large!), My favorite student, Bowling. Penguins (Taken by my buddy Drew in South Africa). Picture of me.
Stuffs .profile かな spreadsheat
Think There's an explaination for every unimaginable situation.
Downloads Downloads are Build Scripts. To use these you must have Xcode Tools installed from http://developer.apple.com. Take a look at the build script before you run it to make sure that you have all the dependencies. It's most likely best to start by grabing the source tar.gz file for wget and the build script for it. These have worked excellent for me and so I make them available to you. Standard Disclaimer applies. I'm not responsible if you mess up your own system.

OS X 10.3.3 MD5 ('md5 file.tar.gz') Build Script
tar-1.13 + bzip2 e5a24d431edce4bcbf96d9c3cd15c784

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